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My Diagnosis- Breast cancer My health wake up call.

On January 6th - 2021

I was lying in bed at night . Just by fluke did a breast check... I had been having sharp pains in my left breast on and off a couple months prior. back in October of 2020. The pains were on and off so I thought nothing of them. I was a teacher in cosmetology so my arms were up at shoulder level most days checking haircuts and teaching students.

I Found a lump! and I was like oh no this is not a good sign. It was in my left breast , that breast had given me troubles when I was pregnant with my daughter . There had always been a small nodule that was benign and every time I went for a mammogram they said it was fine.

My last mammogram was November 2018 . So went to work that following morning sat in my director of operations off