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My Breast cancer Surgery March 2021

Insert the word FAITH .... right here... right now.

So, you've been diagnosed with breast cancer . It sucks doesn't it? Its scary as hell and the one thing you never want to hear coming your way.

I was diagnosed on January 21st 2021

in about 6 weeks it all happened. the mammogram, biopsy. bone scan and ct scan. I feel blessed although the ride was scary. Like a fast moving train that you truly felt you have no control over but to manage your stress and emotions through it. I was happy that all was being dealt with quickly. Some are not so lucky. The medical team at the breast health clinic and Foothills hospital are some of the best in the Country.

Surgery for my Segmental mastectomy ( essentially a lumpectomy ) and removing two lymph nodes as well. Left Breast. Closest to the Heart. Why do I say this..... because after following a Breast cancer support group I noticed something...... that many of these women got breast cancer in the left breast. I ask myself why and will ask the surgeon next time I see her. I am an energy healer. A Reiki master & a Hypnotherapist