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How Does a consciously aware woman date in today's world?

In a era of hook ups and swiping,tinder, bumble and POF dating today can be very challenging for a woman who is consciously and spiritually aware . Her level of awareness will stop most men from going further than the 3 rd date. And most often they wont last beyond the 6 Th date.Why you ask ? Well because a consciously aware woman is gifted, tuned in and usually has daily spiritual practices that make her have a heightened sense of awareness and what lies beneath the illusion and the mask that some men wear and what truly goes on in society.

Because she is tuned in to the Universe , she is always shown the truth, sooner than later. She is in touch with her intuition, her intellect and most of all her heart and her soul.

A consciously aware woman is in tune with her angels and guides and her gut . For her if something doesn't feel right, it usually isn't and is shown very quickly. Especially with a man that may not have her best intentions at heart. See for her she has her angel team, this woman is here for a purpose and a mission , she is not just flowing through life unaware and oblivious to her surroundings and situations. Not having a clue what she is here for. She knows, she is aware and she stays focused . Now this is not being said or to say that women who may not be quite as aware and awake are oblivious, but it means that she has a large Angel team that have her back. Why ?

Because she is serving a mission while here on earth and if anyone comes into her life to intentionally throw her off track. the Universe will do whatever is required to block , redirect , shift or change her wrong path or encounter . Even if it breaks her heart.

They will intercept to direct her back on path and remove those without good intentions.

You see what is meant for you will not pass you by. Even if you make the biggest mistake of your life in choosing a partner you thought may have been your destiny. The Universe will always direct you back on track.

What do those lessons and mistakes have to teach us?

Allot of people show up in our life for our souls growth, so even if you meet someone and you know on a soul level that they are not truly meant for you... but you still are drawn to date and experience them. There is always a reason, so trust and enjoy the journey.

They are all lessons, blessings and soul contracts. These people showed up in your life at a certain space and time to teach you tune in and listen ! If you don't it will just keep showing up. It will keeping repeating , just in a different form .

Everything that you learn form that relationship or experience is shaping you for your future self, path and most of all your character and divine life's path. Lessons like courage, self worth, self love and compassion . Very often forgiveness and unconditional love .

Now although these tough life lessons can be hard especially on the heart there is deep and profound growth and evolution that arises from it. Creating strength and stamina and tenacity within your soul to overcome , adapt and arise from any adversity you may face. Nothing beats that kind of strength. You become unshakable and easily practice the Art of non attachment. Knowing that what is meant for you will not miss you.

You have unwavering faith in God and the Universe .

So how do you date ? Well with your eyes wide open the best you can, you must also realize even as a gifted soul, psychic, reiki master and or therapist . Whatever your gifts or position. Some things you are not meant to know as you are divinely guided to go through it ! So don't beat yourself up when you do something wrong or fall in love with the wrong guy.

As an em path you love, you care, and you nurture. It is our nature. We want to help and heal the broken. It is in our makeup. But it is not your job to fix them. You can hold space and give guidance but it is their path to journey. You cannot change your innate nature or personality. Acceptance is about loving who you are, what you have to offer and give regardless of your flaws. Don't forget we are spiritual beings going through a very human experience.

I will tell you. what a consciously aware woman will not tolerate in the dating arena. She will not accept abuse of any form, she will not accept or tolerate someone who does not see her gifts, values or mission. She will not tolerate and it won't last if he does not see our world from a higher standpoint or awareness himself. Or if he thinks that the spiritual/ humanitarian work she does is witchcraft, voodoo or a farce.

What she needs and craves and desires is consciously aware man that gets her, tunes into her. Mentally, spiritually and intellectually and emotionally . One that romances her mind and soul before he tries to enter her scared body physically . Which I might add is also highly aware and in tune. When it comes to getting physical with a consciously aware and in-tune woman. Remember you are dealing with goddess energy. She knows her body very well and you will most likely experience and witness the most amazing physical sensations you have ever had.

She has done all the spiritual work to heal her inner child,she is full empowered in her divine feminine sexual energy and power , she can read someones mind and body before they even open their mouths. She knows every part of her body, what feels good, what doesn't and when things are not in complete alignment she will tell you. She will not hesitate to speak her truth.

She will not settle as what she is looking for is a divine life partner to build with. To join on a joint life mission with to change, shift and heal all of humanity. To make a difference , make an impact . She is powerful, strong in her presence and is not afraid to tell it like it is.

One of the biggest struggles dating today as consciously aware woman is the lack of awareness some of her dates may have. Hence why they will not make it past the 3rd or 6th date.

By the 6th date she knows whether this something that is worth investing in or is simply and easily moving on. As I said she knows that what is meant for her will not pass her by. She is confident in knowing that all meetings are divinely lead. Some people come as mirrors, messengers and some guides. as well as angels and knights

This woman has no problem staying hyper focused on her life's mission and purpose and she will not let anyone pull her back or weigh her down.

She is here for a purpose and she knows it.

Some tips and tricks for those women who this applies to or those on their spiritual path:

1. Meet them in a neutral setting the first time you meet. We live in a hook up culture and inviting someone you know nothing about into your home is just asking for trouble! And it sends the wrong ! message .

2.Talk for a few days on the chat app or dating app. Don't give your number out right away unless you can already feel the the vibes are good ! Trust your intuition.

3. Never, ever put yourself in a compromising position! unfortunately some people have set the precedence that is cool to hook up on the first date.

Ladies if you want a man to get to know you , give him time and yourself to do so. If you are looking for a partner then don't play the side chick or the mistress. And yes ! There are lots of married men out there pretending to be single so stay aware!

4. If they don't eventually invite you to their place for dinner or something, then you better guess and trust that they are already involved . A man that wants you , wants to invest in you . Will make the effort and you wont have to ask. He will show it.

5. Protect yourself when it comes to intimacy, the whole safe sex protocol has gone out the window to with this cray hook up culture. Ladies ! You don't know whether he is being intimate with you or several so stay safe. Unfortunately, some men are animals and just don't care what they give you , including a baby. Plan B has made men think its completely okay to impregnate you even if you tell them you are on your cycle. You've got to protect yourself . You matter and your highest form of self love will be pushing them away when they insist it okay . It is not okay !

6. Boundaries, boundaries, boundaries! I once watched a show that a woman in her 40's was dating . She was a woman of substance and educated, classy and intelligent .

So the host of the show said you should date a man 30 days before you ever become intimate with him. Get to know him, let him get to know you. Share your stories. Learn him and his behaviors. As hard as this may be sometimes , it will give you time to really Gage his intentions. His actions will eventually speak volumes and will be shown. Or the lack there of will show he had poor intentions and may be a player. Trust your gut and stay aware.

7. Lastly, allow your self to be cautiously optimistic , love takes risk , it includes heart break. It is all a journey. Most of all don't give up on love . It will come in divine timing . In god's time. Trust ... until then , enjoy yourself, have fun and be safe !

Love and Blessings ,

Cheryl Tessari

Certified Hypnotherapist . Psychic & Reiki Master