Are you Following your Bliss?

Are you truly following your bliss?

By that I mean are you truly following your souls calling. Our soul is always trying to whisper to us its truth and path.

What we need to focus on is listening and paying attention. So many times through life we get anxious and distracted thinking we should " key word here being "should" be doing this or doing that. That we get completely off track with what we " Are " to be doing. Our true souls path and divine assignment and alignment. Here is where it gets tough , very often we feel like we should be searching or looking for our life purpose. When truly it finds us, it comes to us through meetings of different souls and meetings that are planned long before we get here. We are simply remembering what it is that we are here to do. Now....some lucky few realize this and know it from a very young age. But this does not make them immune to the journey we all have to go through to evolve and become our highest selves.

Through the journey of discovering and growing into our souls true calling, we slowly let go of all self limiting beliefs and notions that we don't have what it takes to achieve this or that. Truth is, we have all we need. All we need to do is let go of those thoughts that don't make you strong or hold you back.

Action is still required to a certain degree, as we cannot force things to happen. All that is designed and planned for us goes with the divine timing and plan for our soul. We can take the steps to get there, educating ourselves, networking and be sure that we are present in our passion and making room for it to come in. Allowing all that is to be to come before us.

Depending on where your at in life to it will determine what is most important to you at that time. In your 30's you are focused on family and building your Career and home life. Anchoring in security and stability. In our 40's we are more drawn to and focused on Purpose. It is at this stage that we start to crave meaning in life and all we do.

In our 50's we start to realize that we are getting older and our physical bodies are needing more attention. very often too this is when soul contracts have finished with many, some very long term. So we enter into a whole new season in life and being .

In our 60's life becomes more about enjoying life and taking things easy. Full filling those things which we would like to do. Sadly if you have not kept your personal health in check before this time, this is when health issues present themselves and we are faced with limited options for full filling our bucket list.

Regardless one sure way to tune into your souls' true calling is to tune into yourself, by that I mean mediation. Tuning into your own inner compass and guide can bring deep profound truths. This is at times the reason many don't want to, because they are afraid to listen to what will be said or guided.

Rest assured your soul will not lead you astray. It knows what you need and where you are required to be to full fill your destiny.

So how do we know what we are getting is the truth?

Well... quite simply the spirit comes in soft and guideful, while ego comes in strong, pushy and full of doubt. Spirit will speak in a soft , loving vibration. One that feels like truth and it will resonate with you like nothing before.

You will know it is right, because it will feel right.

Learning to tune into the mind, body and soul is not easy. But can be done with meditation, hypnosis and guided meditations.

If your struggling with stilling the mind and finding your souls true calling, I can help. I invite you to tune in and listen to the calls of your soul ( Your bliss ) has much to tell you and teach you about why you are here.

In the picture above you will see complete bliss on my face. I am in Sedona in this pic and I am sharing it because it reminds me of how I look and feel when in complete harmony with what makes me happy and feels like home. You soul will always be drawn to it's home. Where ever that may be. Many of you know how I love Arizona, it is a beautiful healing place the whole state, with so many beautiful things to see and an amazing vortex of energy.

I think what we need to learn how to do, is to let go of the how ? and where ? and even sometimes when. That is a tough one.

Remember I said, your purpose finds you and it can change and shift many times throughout your life to be sure you have full filled your mission and destiny while here on earth.

I invite you and encourage to step into the recesses of your mind and soul and discover what is meant for you !

With love, light and inspiration

Cheryl Tessari


New Dimensions Inc