How do we heal Depression, Anxiety and Stress levels?

How do we Heal Depression, Anxiety & Control Stress levels?

Every single thought we have can or cannot come with an emotion, memory or feeling attached to it.

Now before I continue, I want you to remember thoughts are just thoughts.

Unless you act on these thoughts they will and I promise just come and go…” Thoughts are just Thoughts”

Unless you fuel them by adding more energy anxiety and emotion into them, you give them no power.

Don’t fuel them and allow them to control you!

The less energy and emotion you give them, they will lose their power.

Of course every single emotion we fell should be looked at because this is what makes us aware:

“ By aware I mean consciously aware”

Feeling your way through something, not ignoring it, suppressing it allows it to come to the surface slowly for examination.

By examination I mean, you take time to look at, figure out why it’s bugging you and ask your self these questions:

  1. Why am I feeling this way?

  1. What are my thoughts right now?

  1. What is it that my soul and heart are trying to bring to my attention?

  1. What is it that I need to change, shift or heal about these feelings?

See when we look at why and where the feelings are coming from, we can then understand what the cause is.” The Root cause for your feelings, behavior and emotions.”

Our feelings are a radar system for what the soul is calling to your attention.

What we repress and resist persists till we are willing to look at it, FULL ON!

Stare it right in the face and say: (YOUR SOUL HERE)

“ What is that you want me to know?”

“ What is it that I need to look at?”

“ What am I denying myself and why?”

*These are all very good questions and you’ve got to be real and honest with your self.

“ The only way to heal it is to feel it”

Cheryl Tessari

New Dimensions Inc.