Addictions are Repeat Behaviors, How do we change them ?

Addictions are repeat behavior patterns:

3 ways to stop the spin

An addiction is anything whether it is a mental, physical or emotional habit that you continue to do over and over again that really isn’t adding nay value or substance to your life.

These can be various things that tie up your time and usually do not benefit your well-being.

Repeating thoughts, behaviors and actions are calling us to look at something within us. They usually are about an emotional need not being met.

An addiction quite simply is based from a need, whether emotional, mental or physical not being met.

So we find things, people or situations that temporarily fill the void.

Although they may temporarily give you the satisfaction of what it is that you think you need. It’s really not addressing the core issue. Which is, what it is that you’re missing either within yourself or in your life, that this addictive act or behavior is giving you and satisfying the need?

Is it serving your highest good? Is it helping you grow and learn?

Is it , and most of all are you being true to your self and your soul?

Many addictions can be carried forward and sourced through Past life Reincarnation. Some addictions like substance abuse do have a hereditary component to them. They can be at times a deep karmic connection from a Past life.

Past life regression can give clarity and understanding of the source of your addiction, whether this present life or past life. Also if there has been abuse in this lifetime Age regression therapy can also help heal that part so we are not trying to escape from what has happened.

In the process of Past Life Regression I work with you and your subconscious mind to rescript and repattern your thoughts, intent, behavior and actions.

This is a beautiful process and not a scary one. It can be very enlightening especially if there are repeating patterns & Behaviors that you just can’t seem to beat.

You need to ask yourself?

  1. What is the motivation for the Escapism?

  2. What is missing from within you and your life that you feel the behavior meets the need?

  3. What painful memory or emotional trauma might you be trying to get away from?

3 ways you can stop this downward spiral, because lets face it: If we give an addiction any more Power it can consume you and be very distinctive in it’s path.

  1. Get real with yourself and where you are at in your life. Take a good look in the mirror and see where it is you’re at, and where you would like to be?

  1. Acknowledge your behavior, pattern and addiction. When we admit that what we are doing is not serving us for our highest good. We lessen the hold and the power it has over us.

“ We acknowledge our feelings at a deep core level”

  1. Get the help and take the action steps necessary to change and improve your life to where you would like it to be. Do the self-work, honor yourself in the process and start leading a much more empowered life today!

*If you’re struggling with an addiction, Hypnotherapy can help through addictions sessions and Past Life regression to get to the root cause of the problem at hand.

Cheryl Tessari

Certified Hypnotherapist