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4 Myths about Hypnotherapy Debunked

4 Myths about Hypnotherapy Debunked

Many people are a little afraid of Hypnotherapy if they have never been to a session or hypnotized before.

Some think they will be hypnotized and lose complete control over themselves. This just isn’t true.

Here are some of the false myths about Hypnotherapy:

  1. I will lose control.

First of all you are always in control in your session. With the use of relaxation and guided imagery I guide you through creative visualization that will help your subconscious mind bring forward what needs to be addressed and brought to the surface for healing and acknowledging.

You always have control in your session. At times people can experience amnesia or less control over their physical body but that is because when we use hypnotherapy we are allowing the subconscious mind to come forward and in order to do that we need to relax the physical body, and the egotic mind which is done by using a guided relation technique to help you relax. Followed by a specific script to help with the trouble you may be having.

2. I can’t be hypnotized

Again this just isn’t true, everyone can be hypnotized it just depends on how open they are to allowing you to relax and enjoy the guided journey of the mind. Most of my clients experience a level of relaxation that is a 7 or 8 out of 10. 10 being a deep sleep and I have had many snoring and had not a clue what I was saying during the session. But I assure you that it is always professional, safe and very effective. Whether you fall into a deep state of relaxation or not and are just relaxed and listening maybe fading in and out at times. I can assure you, your, subconscious mind will always hear what needs to be heard and process it just the same. It is very effective.

3. What if I do something I wouldn’t normally do?

Fist of all I as a Hypnotherapist I can’t make you do anything you wouldn’t normally morally do anyway. Also I am a transpersonal hypnotherapist. ( which is client centered technique ) Not a Hypnotist- which is more of a stage artist, both of us have the skill, but their approach is much more direct and authorities. I can assure you the ones that are up on stage acting like monkeys want to be up on stage acting like monkeys. They may be more right brainers and creative by nature. But they are up their doing it because they want to be. If someone is resistant to Hypnotherapy it isn’t as effective.

4. Will I remember everything from the session?

Whether a client is under a deep state or a light state of relaxation, the subconscious mind will remember everything that it was told and what was said. Yes it’s true some clients can experience amnesia at times if they have drifted off into a deep state and at times snore. Which is beautiful, and I assure you your safety and well-being are always my top concern. You can rest easily knowing that with the tools I use and your allowing yourself to relax will make your session the best it can be. Post session many clients experience more clarity and euphony’s that can continue for about 3 weeks. This is why I recommend when people are using Package sessions that they allow the 3 weeks in between for the subconscious mind to absorb all it has been told.

*Effects of hypnotherapy for a variety of concerns are long lasting and permanent. Just one session of Hypnotherapy is equal to 8 sessions of Psychotherapy, why? Because we get to the root cause of the problem.

If you have never tried Hypnotherapy I invite you to come in and try just one session we can make it purely about relaxing the mind and body. Just one session of Hypnotherapy improves your sleep substantially.

Cheryl Tessari

Certified Hypnotherapist